The Hilda Tarot

Unlock self-love and empowerment with The Hilda Tarot, featuring the iconic artwork of Duane Bryers. Follow Hilda’s spirited guidance through relatable scenarios that offer a unique twist on traditional tarot, and ignite your intuition and wisdom for a transformative journey.


Darlin’, the Major Arcana cards are like the heart of the tarot deck, holdin’ big lessons and powerful energies. When we’re flourishing with these cards, it’s like we’re dancin’ to life’s sweet melody – findin’ our purpose, growin’, and embracin’ the adventure. But when we’re flounderin’, it’s like we’re tangled in life’s weeds – feelin’ lost, resistin’ change, and missin’ out on the magic.

Major Arcana cards are about:

  • Big Life Lessons: These cards are like spotlights on life’s big moments and deep thoughts, guiding us at crossroads and showing the way forward.
  • Inner Growth: Nudges for our souls, encouraging us to grow from the inside out and helping us discover our authentic selves.
  • Finding Your True North: They act like a compass for our hearts, leading us to our life’s purpose and illuminating choices that ignite our passions.
  • Special Symbols, Special Meanings: With unique names and stories, they are like keys that unlock profound feelings and the universal truths in our hearts.
  • Turnin’ Points on the Path: Life’s gentle pushes in the right direction, signaling the need for change and new beginnings.

0. The Fool

Confidently starting new journeys with joy and an open heart.

Flourishin’: Adventure, Innocence, Spontaneity, New Beginnings

Flounderin’: Naivety, Recklessness, Ignorance, Carelessness

“I grabbed my umbrella and leaped into the unknown, happy to leave my comfort zone.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Fool card, I’m takin’ that leap of faith into the great unknown, ready for any adventure that comes my way. This card is about starting a fresh chapter in life with an open heart and a curious spirit. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, ‘cause the bold moves help you find the true magic of life. So, my dear, be spontaneous and relish the wondrous surprises with each step, for every new beginning holds a world of possibilities!

1. The Magician

Using your unique skills, talents and resources to bring your dreams to life.

Flourishin’: Empowerment through Inspired Action, Focus, Skill, Resourcefulness, Harnessing Potential

Flounderin’: Manipulation, Trickery, Arrogance, Illusion, Misdirection of Energy

“With focused intent you hold the key that will turn your dreams into reality.”

Oh, honey, in my Magician card, I’m holdin’ my trusty divining rod, drawn towards the water’s edge by the element’s irresistible pull. This card’s all about bringin’ our inner skills and outer resources together to turn our dreams into reality. So, my dear, let’s align our intentions with our actions, tap into our creativity and work our magic to bring our dreams to life.

2. The High Priestess

Trusting your intuition and inner wisdom to help guide your choices.

Flourishin’: Intuition, Mysteries Revealed, Inner Wisdom, Accessing Subconscious

Flounderin’: Suppressed Secrets, Ignoring Intuition, Hidden Agendas, Unconscious Blockages

“Inner whispers know the score so dive deep and unlock wisdom’s door.”

Oh, my friend, in my High Priestess card, I’m delving into life’s mysteries, feelin’ the essence of my intuition, and embodyin’ inner wisdom after a soulful bath. This card’s ’bout trustin’ your gut, tappin’ into your inner knowing, and unlocking the secrets of your soul. The High Priestess reminds us to dance with the mystical, dive into the unknown, and harness the magic of our intuition. So, honey, let’s listen to our inner whispers and discover the hidden mysteries that lie within.

3. The Empress

Allowing your energy to nurture and grow the good things all around you.

Flourishin’: Fertility, Abundance, Nurturing, Motherly Love, Natural Growth

Flounderin’: Overindulgence, Dependency, Possessiveness, Materialism

“Trust the universe even when you rest, for in its loving embrace, you are truly blessed.”

Oh, honey, in my Empress card, I’m in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and my forest family is surroundin’ me with all their love. Like a lush garden, this card’s about nurturing, abundance, and the beauty of life. The Empress reminds us to honor our femininity, trust our instincts, and cultivate a world of harmony and growth. So, let’s plant seeds of love, let creativity flow, and celebrate the bountiful blessings that surround us!

4. The Emperor

Managing resources, creating stability and leading with strength.

Flourishin’: Authority, Structure, Leadership, Protection, Strong Foundation

Flounderin’: Domination, Authoritarianism, Control Freak, Rigidity

“Take charge, seize the day and lead your world in your own special way.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Emperor card, I’m takin’ control and holdin’ the reins of my destiny, buildin’ my own little world, much like that structure for the perfect royal selfie. This card’s about leadership, authority, and establishing a strong foundation for success. So, let’s don the crown of responsibility, take charge of tough decisions, and construct a kingdom of strength and stability.

5. The Hierophant

Seeking spiritual guidance with an open heart and mind.

Flourishin’: Tradition, Guidance, Spirituality, Spiritual Teachings, Mentorship

Flounderin’: Dogmatism, Conformity, Closed-mindedness, Oppression

“Let the wisdom of old tales unfold, for the oldest stories hold secrets of gold.”

Oh, honey, in my Hierophant card, I’m sittin’ with forest critters, sharing ancient wisdom from the heart of nature through those sacred pages. This card encourages us to seek knowledge and learn from the wisdom of those around us, enrichin’ our lives with deeper meaning. So, open your heart to the universe’s teachings, seek out mentors to answer your questions, and cultivate your beliefs and wisdom to grow and evolve. Take in the sacred teachings, honey, and let your soul dance with the ancient influences.

6. The Lovers

Making heart-centered choices that align with your values.

Flourishin’: Love, Integrity, Harmony, Soul Connection, Conscious Choices

Flounderin’: Codependency, Indecision, Conflict, Ignoring Core Values and Beliefs

“Choices that reflect your truest self are like gifts of gold and precious wealth.”

Oh, sugar, in my Lovers card, I’m like a bridge of love sharin’ a cherry with a friendly squirrel. This card guides us to cherish the joy of making choices that truly align with the desires and values of our heart, mind, and soul. So, my dear, follow the gentle guidance of your heart to discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self.

7. The Chariot

Using willpower to conquer obstacles fearlessly.

Flourishin’: Willpower, Determination, Success, Control, Overcoming Obstacles

Flounderin’: Aggression, Recklessness, Lack of Direction, Chaos

“Charge ahead with power and zest, conquer obstacles and do your best!”

Oh, honey, in my Chariot card, I’m sailin’ in that boat, my hat flyin’ off, but I’m still smilin’ ‘cause my eyes are on the horizon. My pup might be feelin’ a bit shaky, but we’re on this adventure together, and nothin’ is holdin’ us back! The card reminds us to keep movin’ forward, fearlessly, and conquer life’s challenges, as the drivers of our destiny. So, buckle up, hold your head high, and steer your course with unwaverin’ resolve, ’cause the journey ahead’s filled with excitement, and we’re in for a wild ride, dear!

8. Strength

Harnessing inner strength to face challenges with compassion.

Flourishin’: Courage, Inner Strength, Compassion, Patience, Taming Instincts

Flounderin’: Aggression, Overbearing, Cowardice, Weakness

“Inner calm is within your control, with grace under pressure and love from your soul.”

Oh, honey, in my Strength card, I’m bravely offerin’ a skunk a cherry, pinchin’ my nose, but not losin’ my grin. This card’s ’bout findin’ courage deep inside, facin’ life’s trials with a graceful stride. So, my dear, embrace your strength within, and tackle challenges head-on with compassion and a spirited spin!

9. The Hermit

Finding wisdom in solitude and reflection.

Flourishin’: Soul Searching, Wisdom, Solitude, Self-Reflection, Seeking Truth

Flounderin’: Isolation, Loneliness, Withdrawal, Self-Isolation

“In quiet reflection let wisdom rise, guiding your path like starlit skies.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Hermit card, I’m takin’ time for self-reflection, seekin’ inner wisdom under the quiet beauty of the night sky. This card reminds us that in solitude and stillness, we discover our inner guiding light. So, take some time alone, and let the magic of quiet reflection guide you to wisdom and enlightenment, my dear!

10. The Wheel

Remaining centered while navigating the ever-changing cycles of life.

Flourishin’: Destiny, Change, Luck, Synchronicity, Flow, Allowing

Flounderin’: Instability, Resistance, Stagnation

“Fate is a force beyond your control, so be like the wind, and go with the flow.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Wheel card, I’m blowin’ bubbles and lettin’ the winds of fate take hold. This card reminds us that life is just like those bubbles, floatin’ and dancin’ to the ups and downs along the way, guided by the whims of destiny. The Wheel reminds us to let go of control, find joy in the journey, and trust that everything will fall into place in its own sweet time. So, let’s raise a cheer and enjoy dancin’ to the rhythm of fate’s delightful song.

11. Justice

Striving for truth and fairness in decisions and being accountable for past choices.

Flourishin’: Fairness, Balance, Truth, Integrity, Cause and Effect, Accountability

Flounderin’: Bias, Injustice, Untruth, Dishonesty, Lack of Accountability

“In hindsight’s grasp, I now behold, a broken leg, from choices old.”

Oh, my friend, in my Justice card, I’m learnin’ the hard lesson that the consequences of my actions will always be fair, but I might not like the outcome. Just like me tryin’ to ski without knowin’ how, and endin’ up with this broken leg! This card is about seekin’ truth, actin’ with fairness, and bein’ aware of the consequences of our actions. The Justice card reminds us to stand for what’s right, trust divine order, and find harmony. So, my friend, seek balance, make amends, and hold yourself accountable, knowing the universe always brings justice in the end.

12. The Hanged One

Taking a pause to gain a fresh perspective before moving forward.

Flourishin’: Surrender, Letting Go, New Perspective, Enlightenment

Flounderin’: Indecision, Martyrdom, Stagnation, Resisting Change

“Flip your world around, see things anew, clarity will come, with a different view.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Hanged One card, I’m hangin’ upside down from that old tree, sharin’ a moment of curiosity with a wise squirrel. This card’s about gainin’ a fresh outlook, and turnin’ things topsy-turvy to find clarity. It’s like takin’ a pause from the hustle and bustle, reflectin’ on life from a different angle. So, darlin’, let go and surrender, trustin’ that sometimes we gotta hang upside down to unveil the world’s secrets and see things in a whole new way.

13. Death

Accepting endings to make room for transformation and renewal.

Flourishin’: Transformation, Endings, Release, Renewal, Rebirth

Flounderin’: Resistance to Change, Fear of Loss, Stagnation, Denial

“Release the old, make room for new, let life’s cycles bring growth to you.”

Oh, honey, in my Death card, I’m savorin’ the sweet taste of life’s natural cycle of growth and transformation. That stabbed watermelon by my side might be at the end of its cycle, but it’s still providin’ me nourishment, and the seeds I’m spittin’ out are ready to sprout new life. This card reminds us that endings are just beginnings in disguise, and every transformation brings forth new possibilities. So, honey, flow with the natural cycle of change, let go of what no longer serves you, and look for the seeds of a new juicy chapter waiting to be savored!

14. Temperance

Blending different aspects of life to create harmonious outcomes.

Flourishin’: Moderation, Balance, Harmony, Healing, Patience

Flounderin’: Imbalance, Excess, Disharmony, Impatience, Extremes

“Balance is the key, let harmony take flight, find your middle ground, where all is just right.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Temperance card, I have one foot on a rock, and the other foot dipped in ice-cold water, learnin’ the importance of moderation. This card is about mixin’ life’s flavors, findin’ balance, and blendin’ opposites like a harmonious soulful stew. It’s about savorin’ contrasts, creatin’ change, and enjoyin’ the journey of discovery. So, let’s stir up new experiences, trust life’s perfect recipe, and find the sweet spot where happiness thrives! Keep mixin’ it up, honey, and savor the delightful concoction of life!

15. The Devil

Confronting and breaking free from unhealthy desires and attachments.

Flourishin’: Liberation, Empowerment, Transformation, Shadow Work, Self-Awareness

Flounderin’: Addiction, Bondage, Temptation, Feeling Trapped, Codependent

“When temptations pull you astray, choose to break free and find your own way.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Devil card, I’m wrestlin’ with that hog, tryin’ to control it. But I soon realized I had two choices: hold on and be dragged or let go and be free. This card is about confrontin’ the temptations, attachments, desires, and fears that bind us and breakin’ free from those chains. So, sweetie, face the shadows, let go of unhealthy patterns, and reclaim the power to make your own best choices.

16. The Tower

Facing sudden change and releasing outdated patterns and structures.

Flourishin’: Revelation, Transformation, Awakening, Personal Growth

Flounderin’: Chaos, Destruction, Crisis, Resistance to Change

“When life’s swing breaks, hold on tight, rebuild with strength, and soar to new heights.”

Oh, my friend, in my Tower card, my swing gave way, flingin’ me to the ground, and life forced me to face reality head-on. Life’s full of unexpected jolts swingin’ our way, shakin’ things up beyond imagination. Amidst life’s broken swings, this card encourages us to gather our strength, learn from the lessons, and rebuild with newfound stability. Just like I rebuilt my swing, you can rise again, face challenges with courage, and soar above the unexpected turns with resilience and grace.

17. The Star

Radiating hope, inspiration, and healing.

Flourishin’: Hope, Inspiration, Renewal, Guidance, Healing

Flounderin’: Despair, Lack of Faith, Disconnection, Disillusionment, Hopelessness

“Renewed by hope, my spirit soars, the universe within me roars.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Star card, I’m soakin’ in a healing bath, findin hope and inspiration shinin’ like stars in the verses of my favorite poems. This card’s about lettin’ a shinin’ light of possibilities fill your heart, illuminating even the darkest of times. So, keep trustin’ that the universe’s celestial light will forever guide you towards new hope and a wellspring of inspiration for the adventures that lie ahead, my dear.

18. The Moon

Tapping into your intuition to reveal the truth hidden beneath your fear.

Flourishin’: Intuition, Imagination, Dreams, Uncovering the Truth, Subconscious, Shadow Work

Flounderin’: Confusion, Illusion, Stunted by Fear, Anxiety

“When the truth is hard to see, trust your intuition to referee.”

Oh, sugar, in my Moon card, I’m lookin’ in the mirror, and those pesky pajamas seem like they won’t fit. But somethin’ tells me to trust my intuition, and I try ’em on, and they fit perfectly! This card reminds us that sometimes things may not be what they seem, but if you listen to your instincts, you’ll find a way through the uncertainty. So, my dear, trust your inner wisdom and let your intuition shine in the moonlight of life’s mysteries

19. The Sun

Basking in joy, vitality, and clarity.

Flourishin’: Joy, Vitality, Success, Enlightenment, Positivity

Flounderin’: Ego, Arrogance, Overconfidence, Ignorance

“Follow the sun’s warm glow and let your happiness flow.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Sun card, I’m chasin’ happiness on the winds, clutchin’ that kite string with a heart full of joy. This card brings hope and optimism, basking in life’s pleasures and sunny moments. So, let go like a kite in the breeze, soaring high with pure bliss. Soak up the sunshine, my friend, ’cause life’s full of golden moments to treasure!

20. Judgement

Awakening to a higher calling, self-awareness and rebirth.

Flourishin’: Awakening, Redemption, Self-Reflection, Forgiveness, Rebirth

Flounderin’: Self-Judgment, Denial, Fear of Change, Resistance, Refusing to Learn

“Watch for the signs, answer that call, rise up, listen and learn from it all.”

Oh, honey, in my Judgement card, I’m drippin’ wet from my bath, answerin’ the call from above, just like when life gives you a sign, tellin’ you it’s time to wake up! This card is about self-awareness, listenin’ to messages comin’ in, just like me on that phone. So, honey, pay attention to the signs, commit to self-reflection, and release the worries of the past for a fresh start.

21. The World

Celebrating completion and achievement of a significant life cycle or milestone.

Flourishin’: Completion, Wholeness, Fulfillment, Achievement

Flounderin’: Lack of Closure, Unresolved Issues, Incompletion, Disconnection

“Honor the triumphs, big and small, cherish each step and savor them all.”

Oh, darlin’, in my World card, look at me, standin’ tall and proud on the peak of this majestic mountain, claimin’ it with a flag that bears my name. This card’s all about realizin’ dreams, triumph, and celebratin’ the journey we’ve been through. Life’s a grand adventure with highs and lows, but reachin’ the top brings pure joy! So, celebrate your victories, big or small, and cherish every step of your journey, ’cause that’s where we rise and soar!


Emotions, Intuition, and Relationships

In the Suit of Cups, emotions, intuition, and connections flow like a gentle river, darlin’. When you’re flourishin’ with these watery cards, it’s like your heart’s open, feelin’ love, joy, and empathy in abundance. But when you’re flounderin’, it’s like your river’s dammed – stuck in sadness, avoidin’ feelings, and missin’ out on healthy connections.

Cups are about:

  • The Water Element: Flowing and adapting to the fluidity of emotions, intuition, and deep connections.
  • Intuition: Sailing through life’s waters by trusting your heart’s whispers.
  • Compassion and Empathy: Connecting deeply with others by showing that you care about their feelings and emotions.
  • Love: Nurturing connections that bloom with joy and emotional fulfillment.
  • Vulnerability: Being open to the positive and negative emotions that can come with emotional connections.

So, sweetie, let the Cups guide you to dive into your intuition and emotions, allowing the river of feelings to carry you toward love and meaningful connections that enrich your life.

Ace of Cups

Creating new heartfelt connections and honoring emotions.

Flourishin’: New Relationships, Emotional Awakening, Intuition, Overflowing Emotions

Flounderin’: Emotional Instability, Blocked Feelings, Overwhelm, Emotional Drain

“Embrace the love that fills your cup, let it overflow and warm you up.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Ace of Cups card, I’m creatin’ an overflowin’ floral arrangement that’s just burstin’ with delight! This card is about startin’ somethin’ new from the heart, with fresh emotions and an overflow of love. Like my pup by my side, this card brings intuition, connections, and deep feelings. So, in this moment of inspiration, let your emotions flow, and remember that from this cup of creativity, emotions, and heart, a world of love and compassion can bloom!

Two of Cups

Deepening connections and fostering harmonious relationships.

Flourishin’: Unity, Partnership, Connection, Mutual Attraction/Bond, Harmony

Flounderin’: Disharmony, Imbalance, Broken Relationship, Lack of Connection

“Two hearts unite, a bond so true, cherish the love that’s blooming for you.”

Oh, honey, in my Two of Cups card, I’m driftin’ on the water, enjoyin’ the sunshine and the company of a beautiful butterfly! This card’s all about connection and harmonious relationships, like two souls meetin’ and dancing together in perfect sync. Just like me bondin’ with that butterfly on my toe, this card reminds us of the joy in sharin’ special moments with others, markin’ the beginning of love, harmony, and mutual understandin’. So, open your heart to the magic of healthy friendships and partnerships, and let the love and joy flow like a gentle stream!

Three of Cups

Celebrating joyful moments and cherishing friendships.

Flourishin’: Celebration, Friendship, Community, Joyful Gatherings

Flounderin’: Overindulgence, Gossip, Superficial Connections, Exclusion

“Cheers to unity and laughter’s grace, cherish the friends who light up your space.”

Oh, sweetie, my Three of Cups card is a merry festivity, blowin’ bubbles with my pup, havin’ a grand ol’ time. It’s all about cherishing those special connections with the ones we love, savoring delightful moments, and creatin’ lasting memories with our nearest and dearest. So, gather ’round, raise a toast, and let the laughter bubble up as we celebrate the magic of true friendship!

Four of Cups

Reflecting on your emotions without missing out on what’s right in front of you.

Flourishin’: Contemplation, Introspection, Soul Searching, Emotional Reevaluation

Flounderin’: Apathy, Discontent, Self-Isolation, Ignoring Opportunities

“When emotions flow, take a deep dive, and figure out what makes your heart thrive.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Four of Cups card, I’m layin’ beneath a tree, ponderin’ the whirlwind of emotions around me. Life’s nudges, like that squirrel chase comin’ up behind me, remind us to reevaluate our feelings, gainin’ a fresh perspective on what truly matters. This card’s about appreciatin’ the beauty around us and understandin’ our emotions better. So, my dear, when life offers you a cup of emotions to ponder, embrace the chance to dive deep into your heart and soul, and don’t miss out on what’s right in front of you.

Five of Cups

Coping with grief and releasing emotions so you can heal.

Flourishin’: Acceptance of Loss, Grieving, Moving On, Emotional Healing/Release

Flounderin’: Regret, Self-Pity, Dwelling on Loss, Refusing Help

“It’s raining now, and I feel sad, but brighter days will soon be had.”

Oh, honey, in my Five of Cups card, I’m takin’ a rainy walk with flippers on, hoping for joy, but the rain washes away my hopes, and I feel heartbroken. This card reminds us that it’s okay to grieve what’s lost and find solace in little joys despite the rain. So, honey, let’s grieve our losses, hold onto hope, and trust in brighter days ahead. In the storm, find comfort too, ‘cause those moments lead us towards healing, my dear.

Six of Cups

Honoring nostalgia and reconnecting with memories of the past.

Flourishin’: Nostalgia, Innocence, Reconnecting with the Past, Childhood Memories

Flounderin’: Living in the Past, Naivety, Clinging to Childhood Patterns, Unrealistic Expectations

“Memories held in an old toy chest give me tears of nostalgia and a heart caressed.”

Oh, darlin’, my Six of Cups card takes me on a journey through cherished memories, holdin’ letters from friends that bring sweet tears of nostalgia. It’s like takin’ a stroll down memory lane, recallin’ the innocent joys that filled our hearts with happiness. This card’s about reconnectin’ with those cherished moments and sharin’ love and kindness with those who’ve stood by us through thick and thin. So, let’s embody the joys of childhood innocence and keep those precious memories alive in our hearts.

Seven of Cups

Focusing on clarity and prioritizing your dreams.

Flourishin’: Imagination, Possibilities, Creative Visualization, Dreams, Choices

Flounderin’: Illusion, Fantasy, Escapism, Overwhelmed by Choices

“With all these fishes in the sea, I ask my heart, what’s best for me?”

Oh, my friend, in my Seven of Cups card, I’m divin’ deep into a sea of dreams, surrounded by enchantin’ fish, each representin’ a different possibility. It’s like bein’ whisked away by the current of imagination, where every choice shimmers like a jewel. The Seven of Cups reminds us to explore our dreams while keepin’ our feet on solid ground when makin’ decisions, so we don’t get lost in the depths of our desires. So, dive into your dreams, but choose wisely with your heart and a dose of practicality, my friend.

Eight of Cups

Moving on to seek emotional growth and deeper meaning.

Flourishin’: Soul Searching, Seeking Deeper Purpose, Walking Away, Emotional Growth

Flounderin’: Abandonment, Escaping Responsibilities, Avoiding Emotions, Running Away

“Leave behind what doesn’t light your fire, and follow your heart to its true desire.”

Oh, sugar, in my Eight of Cups card I’m walkin’ away from what no longer fills my heart with joy, lured by the call of a distant island and headin’ toward new possibilities. It’s a journey of emotional growth, leavin’ behind what doesn’t fulfill me anymore. This card reminds us to be brave, follow our hearts, and step away from what holds us back, trustin’ in the adventure ahead. So, let go, my friend, and find the courage to explore new horizons, seeking the fulfillment your soul yearns for.

Nine of Cups

Finding contentment and emotional fulfillment where you are now.

Flourishin’: Wishes Fulfilled, Contentment, Emotional Satisfaction, Gratitude

Flounderin’: Overindulgence, Vanity, Materialistic, Selfishness

“Sitting with ice cream and a fan, finding joy in what’s on hand.”

Oh, my friend, in my Nine of Cups card, I’m sittin’ here with this bowl of delightful ice cream, feelin’ utterly fulfilled and overjoyed. It’s like all my heart’s desires have come true, and my emotions are burstin’ with happiness! This card reminds us that dreams can come true, and it’s a time of celebration for the fulfillment of our wishes. So, find the joy in achieving what truly matters to your heart, and let your cup runneth over with happiness and contentment!

Ten of Cups

Creating family harmony and loving relationships.

Flourishin’: Harmony, Happy Family, Fulfillment, Emotional Connection, Love

Flounderin’: Dysfunctional Relationships, Unrealistic Expectations, Disharmony

“High in the skies, love takes flight, me and my pup, a bonded delight.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Ten of Cups card, you see me and my pup swingin’ high in the air, both smilin’ with joy. It’s a moment of pure happiness and emotional connection between us, like a warm and cozy hug. This card celebrates the bonds of sweet love with those closest to your heart. So, darlin’, cherish the love, support, and moments of bliss with your family, friends, and pets. The true treasures of life lie in the love we share with others, my dear.

Page of Cups

An intuitive dreamer with emotional sensitivity and creativity.

Flourishin’: Emotional Messages, Intuitive Insights, Creativity, Honoring the Inner Child, Playfulness

Flounderin’: Emotional Immaturity, Moodiness, Unrealistic Fantasies, Overly Sensitive

“When dreams dance in your heart, let them take flight and play their part.”

Oh, honey, in my Page of Cups card, I’m dreamin’ the most enchantin’ dream, and oh, the joy in my heart is just burstin’! This card’s about lettin’ our imagination take us on the wildest adventure, revealin’ hidden passions and emotions we never knew were there. Through these dreams, we connect with our inner child, follow our heart, and delight in the magic of life. So, my friend, let the wonders of your dreams and intuition be the keys that unlock the emotions of your heart.

Knight of Cups

Offering heartfelt gestures, a classic romantic, who follows the heart’s desires.

Flourishin’: Heartfelt Pursuits, Creative Passion, Emotional Expression, Romantic Gestures, Chivalry

Flounderin’: Emotional Manipulation, Unrealistic Ideals, Impulsiveness, Love Obsession

“Let your heart’s path be your guide and declare your feelings with pride.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Knight of Cups card, I’m holdin’ a giant Valentine that I made with all the love in the world. I’m wearin’ my heart on my sleeve, on a quest for love, seekin’ deep emotional connections. This Knight’s gestures are all about romance and adventure, bringin’ charm and sincerity to every interaction, and stirrin’ up our emotions. So, darlin’, let’s revel in the sweetness of our own hearts, let feelings flow freely, and let love be our guide to make hearts expand!

Queen of Cups

Compassionate and nurturing, intuitive, and the embodiment of love.

Flourishin’: Emotional Depth, Nurtures Self and Others, Empathy, Intuition, Compassion

Flounderin’: Overly Emotional, Codependency, Emotional Manipulation, Moody

“Listen to intuition’s call and let love be your all.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Queen of Cups card, I’m nurturin’ my soul, allowin’ emotions and intuition to bubble up and be celebrated. I cleanse away worries and stress to create a comforting and safe space within myself. This card encourages us to cradle our hearts with tenderness, hold feelings with empathy, and listen to our intuition. It teaches us that the gentle touch of love can heal and nourish all. So, my dear, let’s fill our hearts and become the embodiment of love.

King of Cups

Emotionally mature and intuitive, a wise counselor who leads with heart.

Flourishin’: Emotional Intelligence, Compassion, Empathy, Emotional Balance

Flounderin’: Emotional Suppression, Coldness, Manipulation, Mood Swings

“Emotional mastery is my game, and leading with kindness is my aim.”

Oh, darlin’, in my King of Cups card, I’m lettin’ water wash over me just like the flow of emotions in life. Being the King of Cups means mastering emotional intelligence, and leading with kindness and a balanced heart and mind. This card teaches us to be nurturin’ and wise leaders, guiding with love and empathy. So, embrace your role as a carin’ and supportive leader, creatin’ a safe harbor for yourself and those you cherish, my dear.


The Material World and Resources

Honey, the Suit of Pentacles is all about earthly matters and stability. When you’re flourishin’ with these grounded cards, it’s like your roots are strong, enjoyin’ abundance, and buildin’ a solid foundation for your dreams. But when you’re flounderin’, it’s like your foundation is shaky – strugglin’ with finances, feelin’ disconnected, and avoidin’ practicalities.

Pentacles are about:

  • The Earth Element: Building practical, solid foundations to make the most of your experiences in the physical world.
  • Abundance: Recognizing life’s treasures and hidden jewels and appreciating blessings galore.
  • Health and Vitality: Nurturing your well-being by prioritizing self-care and seeking harmony between the body and mind.
  • Practicality: Using your resources and skills to turn dreams into reality.
  • Security: Building fortresses of stability with bricks of wise management.
  • Patience: Tending the garden of growth, savoring the fruit of steady effort.
  • Connection to Nature: Listening to the whispers of the Earth, an ally on your journey.

So, honey, let the Pentacles guide you to nurture your roots, tend to your dreams, and find stability and prosperity.

Ace of Pentacles

Starting new opportunities and ventures in the material world.

Flourishin’: New Beginnings, Material Prosperity, Opportunity, Manifestation

Flounderin’: Missed Opportunities, Financial Instability, Greed, Material Obsession

“A new golden dream is ready to take flight if you put in the work and tend to it right.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Ace of Pentacles card, I’m so excited about the nugget of gold I just found. Just like this card, that nugget is a new opportunity for prosperity and earthly delights. It’s like a fresh start, sowin’ new seeds of success and puttin’ in the work so the seeds grow into a bountiful harvest. So, let’s seize those golden chances and get to work turnin’ our dreams into reality.

Two of Pentacles

Balancing resources and adapting to life’s changes.

Flourishin’: Balance, Adaptability, Time Management, Multitasking, Juggling Priorities

Flounderin’: Overwhelm, Imbalance, Poor Planning, Wasting Resources, Doing Too Much

“I drifted into the splits and that’s when I knew, I can’t juggle it all and keep my balance too.”

Oh, honey, in my Two of Pentacles card, I’m tryin’ to balance it all, but it’s not workin’. There I am driftin’ into the splits, with my hands full and about to fall in the water. This card reminds us to adapt to life’s ups and downs, and focus on what’s important to keep our balance. So, honey, don’t be afraid to change your priorities so you can find your footing. Life can lead you in a beautiful dance when you find your rhythm.

Three of Pentacles

Collaborating on projects to achieve successful results.

Flourishin’: Collaboration, Group Project, Recognition, Teamwork, Apprenticeship

Flounderin’: Conflict, Lack of Skill, Lack of Teamwork, Disagreements, Shoddy Workmanship

“Working together as a unified crew, using our strengths and talents to make dreams come true.”

Oh, sugar, in my Three of Pentacles card, I’m dressin’ my pup in these adorable pajamas I just knitted for him. Even if he’s givin’ me the side eye, we make quite the team, and we’re celebratin’ the joy of a job well done! This card reminds us to share our unique talents with others and appreciate the value of working together towards a common goal. So, sugar, let’s cherish the moments of teamwork and celebrate our creative collaborations, makin’ every stitch count!

Four of Pentacles

Finding true stability and security in the material world.

Flourishin’: Financial Security, Stability, Practicality, Resourcefulness

Flounderin’: Hoarding, Greed, Fear of Loss, Financial Insecurity, Possessiveness

“Secure your resources but not so tight you block new blessings from taking flight.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Four of Pentacles card, I’m covered in flowers, hands so full, I have no room for the blossom that little bird is offerin’ me. This card is about findin’ security in material resources, but that bird reminds us to be open to sharing and letting go too. Holdin’ on too tightly leaves no space for new blessings. So, let’s appreciate the security we have while staying open to the world’s nudges to share, grow, and flourish!

Five of Pentacles

Seeking help and support during setbacks and hardship.

Flourishin’: Resilience, Seeking Help, Spiritual Growth, Overcoming Challenges

Flounderin’: Hardship, Victimhood, Isolation, Financial Struggles, Feeling Abandoned

“When everything’s falling and weighing you down, look for help to turn it around.”

Oh, honey, in my Five of Pentacles card, I’m waist-deep in a DIY wallpaper mess, and things are going haywire, straining my finances. That’s when I glance up and realize I don’t need to face it alone; help is just a phone call away. This card reminds us that in tough times, reaching out for support can bring warmth and comfort. So, darlin’, let’s stop strugglin’ alone and ask for the help and support we need to get through life’s messes.

Six of Pentacles

Giving with generosity, receiving with grace, and spreading goodwill.

Flourishin’: Generosity, Charity, Balance Giving and Receiving, Sharing Abundance

Flounderin’: Greed, Exploitation, Unfairness, Manipulation, Withholding Help

“Sprinkle kindness when you can and give the gift of a caring hand.”

Oh, my friend, in my Six of Pentacles card, I’m sprinklin’ water and love over that sweet duckling. It’s like offerin’ a hand to those in need, knowin’ that small acts of kindness can make a difference. This card reminds us to be generous and compassionate, creatin’ a circle of support that balances givin’ and receivin’. So, let’s nurture generosity, give and receive with love, and make the world a better place for everyone, darlin’!

Seven of Pentacles

Evaluating progress and efforts for long-term growth.

Flourishin’: Patience, Long-Term Planning, Growth Assessment, Investment

Flounderin’: Impatience, Lack of Progress, Financial Loss, Poor Investments

“Amidst the toil, I pause to assess, is the work I’ve put in bound for success?”

Oh, sweetie, in my Seven of Pentacles card, the carrot tops are sproutin’, and I’m seein’ the results of my efforts. This card reminds us that our dreams grow in stages, just like plants, and we need to pause to assess if we are taking the right action to reap the best harvest in the long run. So, my dear, take time to evaluate your progress with an open heart and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a bountiful future. Have patience and know rewards are coming in due time.

Eight of Pentacles

Dedicated to work, mastering skills and craftsmanship.

Flourishin’: Diligence, Skill Development, Attention to Detail, Hard Work

Flounderin’: Monotony, Lack of Focus, Mediocrity, Procrastination, Boredom

“Put in the work to master that skill, and you’ll improve with every drill.”

Oh, honey, in my Eight of Pentacles card, I’m learning the art of catching cherries in my mouth and gettin’ better with each toss. This card is all about honing our skills and dedicatin’ ourselves to our craft, even if we stumble along the way. It reminds us that the journey of improvement is just as sweet as the destination. So, honey, let’s master our skills and find joy in the progress, knowin’ we’re always gettin’ better, one cherry at a time!

Nine of Pentacles

Enjoying earned abundance and self-sufficiency.

Flourishin’: Self-Sufficiency, Independence, Gratitude, Abundance, Luxury

Flounderin’: Dependence, Materialism, Ungratefulness, Entitlement

“Bask in your space, feel content and free, and savor the fruits of your hard-earned journey.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Nine of Pentacles card, I’m all cozy and content, savorin’ life’s simple joys, like crackers and cheese in bed. It’s pure satisfaction, enjoyin’ the rewards of my hard work to create a life I love. This card reminds us true abundance comes from feelin’ self-sufficient and content. Cherish the fruits of your labor, and revel in moments of pleasure and small joys in everyday life. So, darlin’, let’s allow ourselves to feel abundantly blessed and grateful for the journey that brought us here.

Ten of Pentacles

Cultivating a sense of family and community, cherishing your roots.

Flourishin’: Family Legacy, Abundance, Security, Community Prosperity and Bonds

Flounderin’: Family Disputes, Financial Struggles, Broken Family Ties, Community Discord

“Get on the horn and call your family, share your abundance, and don’t do it scantily.”

Oh, honey, in my Ten of Pentacles card, I’m soundin’ that horn of abundance, gatherin’ my feathered family for a grand feast, where love and prosperity intertwine. This card encourages us to embrace the treasures of a close-knit community that shares abundance and provides a loving home for every heart. So, let’s keep buildin’ a legacy of love and prosperity, where true wealth comes from the joy of sharing and togetherness, my dear!

Page of Pentacles

Nurturing new opportunities for growth in the material world.

Flourishin’: Curiosity, Opportunity, Learning, Attention to Detail, Practicality

Flounderin’: Lack of Focus, Missed Opportunities, Overcommitment, Analysis Paralysis

“Step by step, I pave the way, moving towards my dreams, learning more each day.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Page of Pentacles card, I’m startin’ a new unique path, takin’ each step with curiosity and wonder, savorin’ the joy of learning and growin’ along the way. This card encourages us to set forth with excitement, enjoy the discoveries that unfold one step at a time, and explore the new opportunities life presents in the real world. So, let’s be open to the journey of self-discovery and take a practical, focused approach to walking our new path, darlin’!

Knight of Pentacles

Reliable and diligent, moving at the right time, working steadily toward success.

Flourishin’: Responsibility, Hard Work, Reliability, Efficiency, Persistence, Dedication

Flounderin’: Procrastination, Overly Cautious, Lack of Progress, Perfectionism, Resistance

“Go at your own pace and let patience by your guide, for with steady steps, success will abide.”

Oh, my friend, in my Knight of Pentacles card, I’m sittin’ in the rain, paintin’ with passion, knowin’ it’s now or never. This card is about unwavering dedication and focus, teachin’ us that once we set our sights on a goal, we don’t shy away from hard work. With patient determination, we know just the right time to move forward, confident in every step we take. So, my dear, trust in your abilities and stay true to your path, ‘cause focused commitment leads to grand rewards!

Queen of Pentacles

Abundant and nurturing, the resourceful, caring provider.

Flourishin’: Nurturing Abundance, Resourceful, Caretaking, Generous, Material Prosperity

Flounderin’: Overextending, Financial Stress, Neglecting Self, Material Insecurity, Lack of Balance

“Work-life harmony, I’ve mastered the art, as Pentacles Queen, I play every part.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Queen of Pentacles card, I’m a master of work-life balance, relaxin’ in a hammock while fishin’ for dinner. This card reminds us to use our resources wisely, just like me tyin’ that fishin’ line to my toe. This card teaches the art of nurturing and providing for the home and family at the same time. So, let’s honor the joy in both leisure and work while creatin’ a loving home and takin’ care of those we hold dear, darlin’.

King of Pentacles

Successful and grounded, the master of wealth and the material world.

Flourishin’: Wealth, Health, Leadership, Worldly Success, Patience, Prepared

Flounderin’: Workaholic, Greed, Material Obsession, Domination, Financial Instability

“With steady focus and tools in hand, prosperity flows to me like water to land.”

Oh, darlin’, in my King of Pentacles card, I’m standin’ in shallow waters, fishin’ for my loved ones with patience and delight. This King is the master of the material world, teachin’ us the value of hard work and dedication in providin’ abundantly for others. Let’s find joy in nature’s abundance and in the rewards of nurturing those around us. Walk with a sturdy step, buildin’ a foundation of prosperity and stability that will stand the test of time, darlin’!


The Mind, Thoughts, and Communication

Darlin’, the Suit of Swords is like a swift gust of wind – sharp and clear. When you’re flourishin’ with these airy cards, it’s like your mind’s sharp, communicatin’ with clarity and solvin’ challenges with wisdom. But when you’re flounderin’, it’s like the winds are tangled – feelin’ confusion, strugglin’ to express yourself, and avoidin’ truths.

Swords are about:

  • The Air Element: Using the swift movement of the mind to cut through confusion, seek truth, and communicate effectively.
  • Clarity: Seeking clear understanding and insight through rational thought.
  • Analysis: Unraveling the knots of complexity to understand them better.
  • Communication: Expressing yourself with precision and honesty.
  • Truth-seeking: Pursuing facts and understanding to reach conclusions.
  • Mental Agility: Adapting to changing winds, shifting your perspectives with ease.

So, my friend, let the Swords guide you to keep your thoughts clear and breezy, cuttin’ through clouds of doubt with clarity.

Ace of Swords

Attaining sharp mental clarity and breakthroughs.

Flourishin’: Mental Clarity, New Ideas, Truth, Mental Breakthroughs, New Perspective

Flounderin’: Mental Confusion, Miscommunication, Hasty Decisions, Cutting Words

“A spark of truth, ideas dash, new clarity and thoughts come in like a flash.”

Oh, my friend, in my Ace of Swords card, I’m standin’ tall on a fence post, stretchin’ to see what new wonders lie inside that tree. This card is like a spark of brilliance ignitin’ new ideas and mental clarity to cut through the fog so you can see the truth. So, tap into the sharpness and endless possibilities of your mind, guidin’ you to new heights of understanding and revelation, darlin’.

Two of Swords

Making decisions and balancing opposing viewpoints.

Flourishin’: Balanced Decisions, Weighing Options, Aligning Decisions with Intuition, Inner Harmony

Flounderin’: Indecisiveness, Stalemate, Ignoring Intuition, Avoidance, Inner Conflict

“Weigh your options and trust your gut, then be at peace with your choice no matter what.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Two of Swords card, I’m like a fish caught in the rain, unsure which way to swim. Hesitant to decide, but I can’t hold my breath forever. This card encourages us to trust our intuition, weigh our options with care, and make choices, even if they seem unfair. So, my dear, believe in yourself, find peace in your decision, and know you’ve listened to your inner voice. Just like the rain eventually stops, clarity will come, guiding you through life’s currents.

Three of Swords

Facing heartache, healing, and getting to the heart of the matter.

Flourishin’: Healing Heartache, Emotional Release, Gaining Clarity, Learning from Pain

Flounderin’: Heartbreak, Unresolved Pain, Emotional Turmoil, Lingering Resentment, Dwelling in Sorrow

“When the heart is pierced by words it hears, there’s nothing wrong with shedding tears.”

Oh, honey, in my Three of Swords card, I’m on the phone, hearin’ hurtful words that pierce my heart like a dart. This card teaches us that heartache is a part of being vulnerable, but we can learn and grow from the pain. It’s about findin’ the strength to heal and release those emotions, knowin’ it’s okay to take time to mend your broken heart. So darlin’, value the lessons, heal the pain, and bloom like a flower after the rain.

Four of Swords

Finding peace through rest and reflection.

Flourishin’: Rest and Rejuvenation, Inner Peace, Mental Clarity, Healing and Reflection, Meditation

Flounderin’: Mental Exhaustion, Burnout, Resisting Rest, Avoiding Reflection, Overthinking and Anxiety

“The racing mind needs a release, so give it a rest to find your peace.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Four of Swords card, I’m nappin’ under the sun, lettin’ go of the worries that weigh on my mind. This card teaches us the importance of calming the mind, finding peace in stillness, and restoring mental clarity to confront life’s challenges. So, darlin’, when the world overwhelms you, retreat to this oasis of serenity to renew your spirit and emerge stronger and more focused, darlin’.

Five of Swords

Choosing battles wisely and seeking fair, balanced outcomes.

Flourishin’: Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Mindful Communication, Graceful Surrender

Flounderin’: Conflict Escalation, Disregard for Others, Aggressive Behavior, Winning At All Costs

“Sometimes a loss is really a win, know what’s worth fighting for, and when to give in.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Five of Swords card, I’m facin’ a feisty goose who is givin’ me a piece of its mind about me takin’ its eggs. This card is about conflicts and battles, winners and losers, and bruised feelings. It teaches us to pick our battles wisely and consider how our actions affect others, just like me takin’ those eggs. Sometimes we need to know what’s worth fightin’ for, and when to give in, showin’ grace and compassion, darlin’.

Six of Swords

Transitioning to brighter horizons and moving forward.

Flourishin’: Transition, Calmer Waters Ahead, Emotional Healing, Positive Change, Moving On, Guidance and Support

Flounderin’: Resisting Change, Emotional Baggage, Holding Onto the Past, Stagnation, Lack of Direction

“In the blink of an eye, I knew I had to flee, leave troubles behind, and set myself free.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Six of Swords card, it’s like I’m escapin’ a burnin’ building, leavin’ the past behind in ashes. I run from those flames, knowin’ change is my only option, and I gotta find a better place. This card’s about the journey of healin’ the mind and soul, trustin’ calmer times are ahead, and movin’ toward a brighter horizon. So, in the darkest night, darlin’, trust that flicker of light guidin’ you to positive change and inner peace.

Seven of Swords

Solving problems with strategic cleverness.

Flourishin’: Strategic Thinking, Resourcefulness, Cunning Solutions, Clever Planning, Adaptability

Flounderin’: Deception, Sneakiness, Betrayal, Manipulation, Dishonesty, Lack of Accountability

“Be clever and quick, find a sly little trick.”

Oh, honey, in my Seven of Swords card, I’m sly and quick-witted, just like a playful game of hide and seek with life’s challenges. Climbing through that barbed wire fence, I strategize, weigh my options, and find clever ways to navigate obstacles. This card is about outsmarting challenges and taking a creative approach without direct confrontation. So, be smart and inventive in life’s journey, for wit and resourcefulness can lead to great victories, honey.

Eight of Swords

Seeking freedom from self-imposed restrictions of the mind.

Flourishin’: Mental Liberation, Self-Empowerment, Breaking Barriers, New Mindsets

Flounderin’: Limiting Beliefs and Mindsets, Feeling Trapped, Self-Imposed Fear, Mental Confinement

“When limited beliefs have you in a tangle, empower yourself to break free from that mental jangle.”

Oh, sugar, in my Eight of Swords card, I’m perched on a stool, trapped in self-imposed fear of a tiny mouse. But as that little one looks up at me, I realize there’s really nothin’ to be scared of, and in fact, I love critters. This card is about empowering ourselves to break free from restrictive mindsets and start to see things from a new perspective. So, my dear, let go of self-imposed fears and remember that we hold the keys to free ourselves from our limited beliefs and mindsets.

Nine of Swords

Coping with anxiety, worries, and nightmares.

Flourishin’: Confronting Fears, Seeking Solutions, Overcoming Worries, Mental Clarity, Anxiety Relief

Flounderin’: Anxiety, Nightmares, Mental Turmoil, Excessive Worry, Fearful Thoughts

“I realized my anxiety was all in my head, so I stopped reading scary stories right before bed.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Nine of Swords card, I’m readin’ a spine-chillin’ ghost story that has my mind playin’ tricks on me, fillin’ my head with worries and fears that ain’t even real. This card is all about copin’ with anxiety and worry. So, my dear, when the night feels heavy and the mind won’t quit, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let go of the fright. Findin’ calm amidst the storm is the way to ease the mind, and with each mornin’ light, the worries are left behind.

Ten of Swords

Allowing a difficult phase to end to make space for growth and a new beginning.

Flourishin’: Accepting Closure, Finding Strength to Rise Again, Healing, Growth

Flounderin’: Fear of Change, Victimhood, Feeling Defeated, Resisting Closure

“Knowing it’s over is part of the ride, so release the pain and let your wounds subside.”

Oh, my friend, in my Ten of Swords card, I’m toppled from that wild cow ride, left in the dust, bruised and feelin’ betrayed. But this card teaches us that there’s something to be learned from every painful ending, and we need to find the strength to begin again and rise like the sun. So, my dear, let’s accept it’s over, gather the wisdom, and keep carryin’ on with grace, knowing a new day is comin’.

Page of Swords

A curious truth seeker, ready to uncover and navigate mental challenges.

Flourishin’: Curiosity, Mental Agility, Seeking Truth and Knowledge, Intellectual Growth, Open Minded

Flounderin’: Gossip, Mental Instability, Impulsive Reactions, Overthinking, Lack of Focus

“A mind like a detective, looking for clues, asking questions like there’s nothing to lose.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Page of Swords card, I’m in a puzzlin’ pickle, starin’ at the hose’s end, wonderin’ why the water ain’t flowin’. But I won’t give up! Like a curious detective, I explore every angle to crack the case. This card speaks to our thirst for knowledge, sharp wit, and eagerness to learn and grow. So, darlin’, let’s keep investigatin’ life’s mysteries to uncover treasures of understanding one puzzle piece at a time!

Knight of Swords

Taking swift action with determination and courage.

Flourishin’: Bold Action, Determined Pursuit, Assertiveness, Clear Goals, Strategic Planning

Flounderin’: Hasty Decisions, Aggressiveness, Disregard for Consequences, Lack of Direction

“With plan in hand and purpose clear, I take bold action with nothing to fear.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Knight of Swords card, I’m chasin’ that cow, lasso in hand, determined to catch it and milk it right now. This card is all about quick action, thinking fast, and fearlessly leaping into the fray. Like a whirlwind, we charge ahead with determination and drive. But let’s remember to balance that speed with a wise strategy. It’s about finding the right moment to act boldly and decisively. So, before we ride like the wind, let’s assess the situation, think on our feet, and seize the opportunity for swift success!

Queen of Swords

Wise and insightful, using intellect for clarity.

Flourishin’: Clear Communication, Independence, Wisdom, Fair, Strong Boundaries, BS Radar

Flounderin’: Coldness, Harsh Criticism, Emotional Detachment, Manipulation

“Riding forward, boundaries set, speaking truth, no time to fret.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Queen of Swords card, I’m pedalin’ away with a strong sense of direction, like a compass pointin’ west, not afraid to direct my own path. This card is all about bein’ independent, settin’ clear boundaries, and speakin’ your truth, no dilly-dallyin’ ’round. Use the power of direct communication like a sword of reason and truth, and chart your own course, darlin’.

King of Swords

A just and fair leader, wielding authority with clarity and truth.

Flourishin’: Mental Clarity, Leadership, Fair Decisions, Analytical Thinking, Discernment

Flounderin’: Power Hungry, Closed Minded, Ruthlessness, Harsh Judgment, Overly Rational

“Be clear of mind, fair and bright, lead with wisdom day and night.”

Oh, honey, in my King of Swords card, I’m takin’ a thoughtful pause to grasp the world around me and seek clarity in my decisions. This card is about using our wisdom, authority, and logic with discernment. So, honey, pursue the truth, make fair and rational choices, communicate clearly, and let the power of logic and reason lead the way.


Your Passion and Inner Fire

Oh, honey, the Suit of Wands is like a burst of passion and creativity! When you’re flourishin’ with these fiery cards, it’s like your spirit’s on fire, takin’ bold steps, and embracin’ new adventures with excitement. But when you’re flounderin’, it’s like your spark’s dimmed – lackin’ inspiration, feelin’ stuck, and avoidin’ risks.

Wands are about:

  • Fire Element: Harnessing dynamic energy to fuel your passions and creative endeavors.
  • Passion Pursuits: Following your instincts to unleash your unique ideas and talents with boundless enthusiasm.
  • Bold Action: Proactively charging towards your goals and dreams.
  • Inspiration: Igniting novel ideas and projects from your inner spark.
  • Inner Drive: Taking action aligned with your purpose and fiery determination.

So, my dear, let the Wands guide you to embrace life’s sparks and keep that fiery spirit burnin’ bright!

Ace of Wands

Igniting passion and creative sparks.

Flourishin’: Inspiration, New Beginnings, Creative Energy, Igniting Potential

Flounderin’: Blocked Creativity, Lack of Inspiration, Delays, Stifled Passion

“This spark of inspiration is not about logic, it’s about your next passion project.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Ace of Wands card, I’m feelin’ the thrill of a new creative spark! This card ignites the passion in our souls, encouraging us to compose our own unique symphony. It reminds us to listen closely to our instincts, ‘cause sometimes that spark of inspiration may seem odd or illogical, just like me playin’ the handsaw like an instrument. But you’ve gotta trust it with all your heart. So, darlin’, let the fire of your imagination lead the way to your new shiny passion.

Two of Wands

Planning and making bold choices.

Flourishin’: Planning Stage, Personal Power, Long-Term Vision, Progress, Bold Decisions

Flounderin’: Lack of Planning, Indecision, Self-Doubt, Stalled Projects, Limited Perspective

“Your passion project needs a plan so envision it the best you can.”

Oh, sugar, in my Two of Wands card, I’m layin’ there, playin’ my harmonica, and contemplatin’ my future plans. This card is about takin’ charge of your destiny, makin’ clever choices, and creatin’ a treasure map to guide you on the journey ahead. So, my dear, create a clear plan for your passion project, believe in it with all your heart, and let that plan guide you to success in the long run.

Three of Wands

Making progress and expanding horizons.

Flourishin’: Progress and Expansion, Positive Expectations, Collaboration, Forward Momentum, Reaping Rewards

Flounderin’: Unrealistic Expectations, Missed Opportunities, Delayed Success, Disappointment

“With plans in motion, watch and see, when to expand each opportunity.”

Oh, my friend, in my Three of Wands card, my plans are underway, and I’m up in a tree with my telescope, watchin’ and waitin’ to see the results. This card is about the thrill of growin’ your passion project, carin’ for its every need, and watchin’ it bloom like a flower. So, my friend, keep growin’ your passion and plans and watch for signs and opportunities to expand your grand adventure.

Four of Wands

Celebrating milestones and gathering with supportive loved ones.

Flourishin’: Celebration, Harmonious Gatherings, Achievements, Community, Stability, Homecoming      

Flounderin’: Discord, Unfulfilled Goals, Tension, Lack of Support, Strained Relationships

“Supporting your tribe and sharing your love go together like a hand in glove.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Four of Wands card, me and my frog friend are celebratin’ a milestone, savorin’ the sweetness and joy of feelin’ at home. This card reminds us that home is not just a place; it’s a feelin’ of belongin’, where our hearts sing in harmony with those who uplift us. So, darlin’, let’s cherish and celebrate our loved ones, showin’ ‘em support on their journey.

Five of Wands

Navigating friendly competition and finding strength in challenges.

Flourishin’: Healthy Competition, Growth Through Conflict, Asserting Individuality, Camaraderie

Flounderin’: Unproductive Conflict, Disagreements, Jealousy, Ego Battles, Energy Drain

“Let friendly competition teach you something new, and help you to be an even better you.”

Oh, honey, in my Five of Wands card, it’s a ruckus on the pond, with everyone paddlin’ around, flappin’ our wings, jostlin’ for a spot. We might seem like we’re bumpin’ into each other, but it’s all part of the fun of friendly competition. This card teaches us to compete with a playful spirit, assert our individuality, and resolve our differences by talkin’ it out like friends around a cozy campfire. So, let’s paddle together through the challenges, find our harmony, and make a splash in the adventure of life!

Six of Wands

Receiving recognition after a hard-earned victory.

Flourishin’: Victory, Triumph, Recognition, Achievement, Healthy Self-Esteem

Flounderin’: Arrogance, Excessive Pride, Seeking Validation, Lack of Recognition, Self-Doubt

“Celebrate the victory you worked so hard to win, let your spirit shine, and wear a triumphant grin.”

Oh, sweetie, in my Six of Wands card, I’m like a bloomin’ sunflower, dancin’ through a field with a chain of flowers like a victory sash! Frogs hoppin’ with glee, celebratin’ alongside me. This card is all about bein’ recognized for your triumphs, where hard work pays off and brings forth sweet rewards. Let’s revel in the joy of victory and shine proud and humble like sunflowers. Welcome the recognition, celebrate accomplishments with a heart full of happiness, and paint life with vibrant colors!

Seven of Wands

Defending your position and standing tall in the face of opposition.

Flourishin’: Perseverance, Courageous Stand, Defending Beliefs, Determination

Flounderin’: Defensive, Overwhelmed, Losing Ground, Giving Up, Feeling Outnumbered

“Stand your ground, don’t be afraid to be proud, let your voice ring clear and loud.”

Oh, my friend, in my Seven of Wands card, I’m standin’ tall, ready to take my bath, but this pesky fly thinks it can ruin my peace! I’ve got my trusty flyswatter, defendin’ my right to enjoy this bath without distractions! This card teaches us to stand firm, face opposition with courage, and claim what’s rightfully ours. So, shoo away challenges and stand your ground with unwavering resolve, my friend!

Eight of Wands

Directing your energy and efforts towards a clear goal.

Flourishin’: Pure Momentum, Swift Progress, Targeted Action, Clear Path Forward

Flounderin’: Delays, Lack of Direction, Failure to Launch, Scattered Energy, Overwhelming Pace

“I aimed for my target and can’t be stopped now, there’s no going back, no way, no how.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Eight of Wands card, I’m like a shootin’ star, mid-dive with unstoppable energy, headed straight for my desired target! The broken diving board behind me shows there’s no turnin’ back now. This card is about the thrill of takin’ focused action and ridin’ the momentum of progress towards your goals. So, my friend, let’s unleash our passions, dive in fearlessly with unwavering aim, and let the universe know we are ready for whatever comes next.

Nine of Wands

Demonstrating resilience and perseverance.

Flourishin’: Resilience, Endurance, Courage, Lasting Strength, Persistence, Preparedness

Flounderin’: Exhaustion, Burnout, Overwhelm, Feeling Defeated, Fear of Failure

“Amid life’s test, stand tall and true, find the strength within to carry you through.”

Oh, honey, in my Nine of Wands card, as the wind blows and the stream rolls, I bravely cross a wobbly log, showin’ my resilience by facin’ challenges head-on. This card speaks of battles fought and scars carried, remindin’ us that even in weariness, we can find the inner strength to keep movin’ forward with courage. So, let’s push past life’s obstacles, knowin’ each step brings us closer to triumph and growth, my dear.

Ten of Wands

Balancing responsibilities and burdens.

Flourishin’: Accomplishment, Responsibility, Completion, Harvest, Delegating, Successful Efforts

Flounderin’: Overburdened, Struggle, Self-Imposed Stress, Refusing Help, Taking on Too Much

“When the load’s too heavy to withstand, seek support, and share the demands.”

Oh, my friend, in my Ten of Wands card, I’m carryin’ this giant pumpkin, symbolizin’ the heavy burdens and responsibilities we sometimes take on. This card teaches us the importance of letting go of unnecessary burdens, delegating, and findin’ support when we’re overwhelmed. So, my dear, lighten your load and focus on what truly matters to keep your passion burnin’ bright!

Page of Wands

A radiant spark of inspiration and boundless curiosity.

Flourishin’: Enthusiastic Beginnings, Curiosity, Playfulness, Free Spirit, Creative Exploration

Flounderin’: Impulsive, Lack of Focus, Unrealistic Dreams, Overlooking Details, Wasted Potential

“With passion’s flame, get in the game, and go for your dreams with one bright aim.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Page of Wands card, I’m like a fresh spark, feeling the thrill of new beginnings! As I stand, perfecting my aim with horseshoes, my pup dashes joyfully around me, a reminder to follow the spark of curiosity. This card invites us to embark on a journey of discovery, tap into our inner spark and let our creative fire lead the way. So, my friend, set your sights on the target, release the potential within, and trust in the journey of growth and discovery.

Knight of Wands

A force of inspiration, taking action and charging forward fearlessly.

Flourishin’: Adventurous Spirit, Passion Pursuits, Rapid Progress, Fearlessly Chasing Dreams

Flounderin’: Recklessness, Impulsiveness, Lack of Focus, Stuck in Routine, Ignoring Passions

“Keep your dreams within your sight and chase them fearlessly day and night.”

Oh, honey, in my Knight of Wands card, I’m a firecracker burstin’ with excitement, hoppin’ that fence with pure delight and determination, chasing butterflies like a magical dance. This card’s about big adventures, lettin’ passion lead, and goin’ after what lights your soul on fire! So, my friend, take action, be bold, and chase your dreams fearlessly ‘cause life’s too short to stand still and let the thrill of the moment pass you by.

Queen of Wands

Confident and bold, a positive, fiery influence.

Flourishin’: Confident Leadership, Creativity, Intuitive, Vibrant, Wholehearted, Dynamic Presence

Flounderin’: Domination, Manipulation, Overbearing, Intolerance, Controlling

“Let your inner fire take control and lead with passion from your soul.”

Oh, darlin’, in my Queen of Wands card, I’m soaring high on that tire swing with hands in the air like a fearless bird, embracing my fiery spirit and loving every minute of it. This card’s all about being confident and fearlessly being yourself, spreading your wings to explore new heights. It teaches that true strength lies in trusting your instincts and passionately leading your life. So, darlin’, let your spirit soar without limits and blaze your trail with a heart full of fire.

King of Wands

A creative visionary, leading with strategy and inspiration.

Flourishin’: Inspired Leadership, Visionary Thinking, Charismatic Influence, Confidence, Strong Direction

Flounderin’: Controlling, Dictatorial, Impulsive, Self-Centered, Neglecting Responsibilities

“Get creative and blaze your trail, with passion and vision, you won’t fail.”

Oh, darlin’, in my King of Wands card, I’m the creative visionary who led my team through the process of creatin’ the very masterpiece I proudly hold in my hands. This card’s about living our trailblazing spirit, confidently steering projects with joy, and inspiring others with visionary leadership. So, let’s bring big ideas to life, let humor weave its magic, and lead with charisma and flair.