Welcome to illumination of dreams tarot & astrology

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Ellen and I have been drawn to astrology my whole life. I remember when I was a little girl at the cemetery with my mom and I told her that my grave stone needed the exact time of my birth and death. Back then, she did not understand why I said this and neither did I. Fast forward to today and I know it was because I was always meant to be an astrologer and to do work that is not exactly considered main stream.

It was not until I embraced this and went on a journey of deep self-discovery that I truly began to love all of myself, flaws and all. This lead me to my authentic self and here I am feeling called to help you do the same. 

I’ve been through some stuff. A lot of stuff. And it is my lived experience coupled with the ancient and modern wisdom of astrology, and my intuitive ability to read energy through tarot/oracle that I can best be of service while I am here on earth.